How to Support Local Businesses with GyftHint

According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses are the livelihood of the U.S. economy. They create two-thirds of net new jobs and drive U.S. innovation and competitiveness. As the world wrestles with COVID-19 and major retailers switch to survival mode, small businesses are suffering more than ever. Several months of shutdowns and social distancing restrictions have significantly impacted in-store traffic which is the main source of income for these businesses.

Now more than ever, we should all support these businesses which have made a significant effort to move their operations online. We have compiled a list of all the ways that will enable you to do so more efficiently. In addition, our gift wishlist app, GyftHint will make it a lot more convenient to support small businesses. The app will also encourage your friends and family to contribute as well.

Supporting Local Businesses

Here are some of the best ways in which you can help to support small businesses in your area: 

  • Make a mindful effort to shop there: The first and most obvious way to support a local business is simply by shopping there. Whether it’s a baking company, jewelry store or a coffee shop, becoming a regular customer will be your contribution to keeping the local business afloat.As mentioned above, many local businesses have been focusing their efforts on their online presence to attract and service customers. Interact with and support them by shopping on their online store and following their social media handles from the safety and comfort of your home.
  • Get a gift card: Is someone’s birthday or a holiday coming up? Or if you know you could use a few services in the future. What better way to support a local business than getting a gift card? The neighborhood nail salon whose business has dropped by half will appreciate you buying a gift card to help them through these tough times. Even if you don’t need their service immediately, you’ll end up gifting it or using it later.
  • Spread the word. The best marketing tool, undoubtedly, is word of mouth. Is your friend a fantastic hairstylist? Does your colleague make the best cakes? Is your daughter’s teacher the best tutor you know? Advertise the services and products that small businesses provide everywhere you go! Social media is a very powerful tool that enables you to do this effectively. You can share what you purchased on social media, encouraging your network of family and friends to follow your lead. Become an advocate and go beyond the financial support of your favorite store. 

How to Support Local Businesses with GyftHint

GyftHint offers a great way to support local businesses and spread the word about them by including their products in your wishlists. Does a small Etsy shop carry a gorgeous scarf you’ve been eyeing for a while? Add it to your GyftHint wishlist and have your family and friends be exposed to this small business too. If you’re lucky enough, they’ll get it for you as a gift! This will allow you to support a local business and get gifts that you really like.

GyftHint is an app that allows you to gather everything you want in one place, whether it be electronics, beauty products, clothes, games, spa services…basically anything that’s available for sale. The beauty of this app is in adding items not only from large retailers but also from small boutiques and specialty stores. You can then share your wishlist among friends and family. The purpose of this list is to keep your network in the loop on what you want for your birthday or Valentine’s Day. Never again will you have to answer the dreaded question of “what do you want for your birthday?” The best part is to encourage your friends and family to sign up for the app and add their favorite items. This way, you will all receive notifications when special occasions roll around and never forget another present again. Above all, you’ll know what they want! 

Small businesses give back so much to their local communities, introduce diversity and innovation and provide exceptional customer service.  In turn, supporting a local business should make us feel good in helping the economy and our community. The GyftHint app is one of the most convenient ways to support and share your favorite items from your favorite small businesses.

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Why Wishlists are Important and How to Create a Digital One

Do you get asked what you want for your birthday, anniversary, or a holiday only to completely forget everything you’ve ever wanted? Or,  do you ever stress about buying gifts for your family and friends?

Luckily, retailers have come up with a solution to that problem- wishlists. With these, you’ll be able to compile everything you want from that particular store in one place. This will also make it easier to share what you want come holiday season or special events. Similarly, you’ll know how to keep your friends and loved ones happy with gifts that they actually want. 

Let’s look at how a universal wishlist including all your wishlists is the most effective way to track your favorite items. Also, learn how to best create one to make gifting stress free. Find out more about a great tool to keep your wishlists organized and share it among friends and relatives.

What is a Gift Wishlist?

When shopping online, you’ve probably seen a small heart or the option “Add to List” next to a product you’re looking at. When you click on it, you will be able to add the product to a wishlist. A wishlist is essentially a compilation of everything you like on a particular website. This will enable you to narrow down what you want and follow those products for sales. Amazon is one of the most popular sites to have a gift wishlist. Some websites allow you to categorize your lists to have separate wishlists for home, clothes, your spouse or children. Others allow you to share your gift registry with your network of friends and family.

There are downsides to most wishlists, every retailer has its own wishlist and some do not enable sharing. This makes it almost impossible to share everything you want since most people like things from different retailers and brands. Some retailers have “save for later” lists and you can’t share those either. Therefore, a feature that is supposed to help users compile a list of their favorite items becomes less effective and even stressful to keep track of the different lists.

Introducing GyftHint as Your One-Stop Wishlist

One of the best ways in which you can build an effective wishlist is through GyftHint. With this app, you will be able to manage events and purchases from multiple stores in a few simple steps. You’ll get a text message about upcoming birthdays so that you can have plenty of time to decide beforehand what you’re going to get. This way, you’ll never forget another birthday (or an anniversary!). You’ll also get reminders to add things to your gift list so that loved ones will be able to get the items that you want.

Encouraging your family members to also download the app will help them add anything they want from their favorite retailers. Then, right around a special occasion such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or a birthday, you will be able to select and purchase gifts from their lists. With just a few clicks, you can send your order to the retailer who will then send the gift directly to your loved one or to you to add finishing touches if you wish. It’s a super convenient way to keep all the things you want in one place.

We’ve all been frustrated about buying gifts and disappointed about the gifts that we receive. GyftHint’s ad-free app offers the convenience of buying and adding gifts in a few simple steps. Furthermore, the app’s centralized platform will allow you to add items from other retailers and eliminates the need to keep track of several registries and wish lists.

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Gift Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Gift for Anyone

Whether it’s your loved one’s birthday, an anniversary, or with the holidays creeping around the corner, you always find yourself in a dilemma. What makes a good gift? You just can’t seem to come up with any gift ideas. Your sister always returns what you get her, you don’t know what your friend is interested in, and your son already has the latest iPhone. After all, up to 77% of people return their gifts. You don’t want to resort to just buying gift cards, and when you ask, the response is always, “I don’t know,” or, “I don’t need anything.” So what are you supposed to do?

No need to worry anymore. In this gift buying guide, we will show you how to choose the right gift for any special person in your life.


How to Pick a Meaningful Gift

Don’t assume you know what they want … 

It’s always important to find the right gift for those close to you. What makes the perfect gift? It’s something that you put a lot of thought and effort into. Perfect gifts don’t always have to cost a lot, but everyone loves it when they receive a present that the other person put a lot of thought into.

If you’re stuck, here are some of the best ways to find a unique gift that anyone would be sure to love.


Ask them

What better way to find out what someone wants than to simply ask them? Depending on your relationship with the person, they may just tell you what they want. Another great thing to do is pay attention to their hints throughout the year. For example, maybe you’ve seen that your girlfriend has been eyeing a particular purse for a while. Paying attention to subtle hints that the person drops and getting them what they want is what makes a good gift!


Browse on their social media

Sometimes, people may share things that they want on their social media. One popular social media site for this is Pinterest. People create boards as inspiration on this website and pin things to their boards, very similar to the concept of a bulletin board. Or, sometimes people may share things that they dream of having on their Facebook, Instagram stories, or other places. Be sure to pay attention. This could make a thoughtful gift when the holidays roll around!


Ask their friends or family

If you really can’t figure out what they want, and they’re telling you that they don’t want anything, it might be a good idea to resort to asking their friends and family. Usually, your special person’s friend or family member might have a good idea of what that person needs or wants. Maybe your sister told her best friend that she was dreaming of getting an Apple Watch. Or perhaps your friend’s mom knows that your friend needs items to decorate their new apartment. Asking around could always get you the answers you need. 


Use mobile wishlist apps

Mobile wishlist apps are the  most effective gift guides and a convenient way to figure out what your loved ones want! With these apps, you will receive reminders for special events, such as Mother’s Day, birthdays or an anniversary, which will enable you to remember when it’s time to go gift shopping. Your loved ones will add hints for gifts that they really want, which will ensure you give them the perfect gift that’s effortless for you.

GyftHint leads the pack in this category offering an optimized gifting experience. You, your friends, and your family can add gifts to your individual wish lists that others can purchase from in a few simple clicks . You won’t ever have to worry about forgetting an event again because the app will send you reminders. GyftHint takes the stress out of buying a gift while making sure the recipients are getting gifts that they’ll truly enjoy. 



Let more joy In, Take a break from stressing!

How to Celebrate While Staying Safe?

During this difficult time, it is more important than ever to bring joy into our loved one’s lives and our own. As we keep ourselves safe with social distancing or shop in stores, we shouldn’t forget to celebrate joyous events like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and more.

Our Mission at GyftHint is to Bring Joy!

Here at GyftHint, we are here for you because our mission is to help bring more joy to the world!


How GyftHint Can Help

GyftHint app is the best way to share what gifts you want and view the choices of your loved ones. You can add gift ideas from any website to your profile. Your family and friends can easily view them and buy you the gift you want and have it shipped to you. All from within the comfort of your homes.



Interested in spreading joy?

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Set up a party time and get on the phone with your loved one and celebrate safely!


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Why Do I Always Get Bad Gifts?

It’s The Thought That Counts

Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the thought and love that goes into every gift I get but most of the time it’s not a gift that I necessarily wanted.  Of course when you open the gift you don’t want to be rude so most of the time you pretend that you love it.  But usually this isn’t the case.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten a birthday present from an aunt or uncle and it’s something I’ll never wear or use.  Year after year I open gifts and pretend that I’m in love with it because I know they put a lot of thought into buying that gift and really that’s all that matters in my book.

The Reality Of Bad Gifts

In reality these gifts usually end up in the back of my closet or I give it away. Getting a bad gift is never fun and its even worse because you have to pretend you love it and because of this you continue to get gifts that you’ll never use.  This is a frustrating process and there’s really no one to blame because if your anything like me when someone asks you what you want your response is “I have no idea”.  So they just go out and buy you the same thing they’ve gotten you in the past and the results never change.  Although throughout the year I may have seen something I liked and didn’t buy, I can never remember exactly what it was.  This is just another problem with the way we currently shop for gifts, we never know what we want and if we do its uncomfortable sharing ideas because you don’t know how much someone is willing to spend.

How To Get The Perfect Gift

I could go on and on about all the different issues associated with the current gift buying process but instead I’ll point you in the direction of the solution, GyftHint.  Gyfthint allows you to connect with close friends and family to share your your favorite gift ideas.  You simple add items you like as you do your normal browsing and for any event your network can view and buy these gifts with a few simple clicks.

-JD GyftHint




Why Is It So Hard To Buy A Gift For Father’s Day?

The Anxiety Of Finding The Perfect Gift

With Father’s Day quickly approaching the anxiety of finding the perfect gift for the person who has been providing for you since day one begins. This is the only day of the year that we get to show our appreciation to the man who has given us everything.  It is a lot of pressure buying a gift for Father’s Day.  What do you buy someone who has done so much for you over the years?  Personally, I struggle with this question year after year. You want to make sure that your gift reflects how much you appreciate everything your father has done for you. I always think about how perfect birthdays and Christmas were in my house and how happy I would be opening my gifts.  They always exceeded my expectations and that’s exactly how I want him to feel when he opens his gift on Father’s Day.  But I always get stuck. I never know what to get for the man who “has everything they need”.

Where I’ve Gone Wrong

Usually I end up writing a nice card and getting him a golf accessory because I can’t think of anything else he might want.  He always loves the card and the nice things I have to say about him but my gift never lives up to expectations.  Looking back most of my gifts have ended up in the back of his closet or in the bottom of his golf bag.  One year he accidently re-gifted me the golf balls I got him the previous Father’s Day. I don’t think I’m alone in this struggle of finding the perfect gift for Father’s Day.

The Future of Gifting

I’m excited to use GyftHint in this quest for the perfect gift. All I’ll have to do is go to his profile, browse his wishlist and pick the gift that fits my budget.  With a few clicks all my stress and anxiety will be gone knowing that this I got him the perfect gift.  I can’t wait to see his face when he opens my gift.  Finally, there will be an easy way to shop for our loved ones.

-JD GyftHint






Why Consumers Don’t Utilize Wishlists?

Wishlists are becoming an important part of eCommerce as they allow you to save desired products that you may not want to purchase at a particular time.  Wishlists are used to signify interest in a product but you have no intent on buying that product at that time. How often do you actually go back into a particular wishlist for a specific site and purchase those products you saved? If you’re anything like me, never. This is because if we really want something we usually go right ahead and buy it because you don’t want to risk the product going out of stock.  So, what problem are current wish lists really solving? Wishlists have become a way for retailers to gather data on specific products to determine the amount of interest a consumer is showing in those products.  But as a consumer wish lists are often forgotten about and left behind to collect dust.  Why is that? Personally, the issue I often run into is that these wish lists aren’t easy to share and sharing them with family and friends is a little awkward. Sending a wishlist directly adds pressure to the recipient to buy gifts that may be out of their price range and you assume they will all buy something different from the wishlist.  What happens when everyone you share the list with buys the same gift?  How do you know if someone has already purchased a particular gift?  With the current wish lists on the market, these two issues are almost impossible to avoid.  This makes wish lists almost useless to consumers.  It is time for someone to create a universal wishlist to connect with close friends and family to share gift ideas.


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