We all have that one person in our lives who has it all. Whether they’re financially secure or are always buying things for themselves, these are some of the most difficult people to buy gifts for. What could you possibly buy for them that they’d love or be pleased with? 

In this article, we share all the creative ways that you can choose a Gift for Someone Who Has Everything

  • An experience: You might forget who got you the leather wallet, but you won’t forget the hot air balloon ride your friends got you on your 30th. Thankfully, there are many unique experiences that fit all budgets.  Keep in mind, you can always chip in for a group purchase. Some popular choices for experiences you can gift include tickets to a musical, skydiving or racing. Get them unique experiences based on their hobby or passion. These could include, blending your own wine, an annual pass to national parks or creating your own perfume. A city scavenger hunt for your adventurous colleague will mean a lot more than a spa service.
  • Classes are another great option. Nowadays, many of these offerings are virtual, making them convenient to gift to friends near and far. Make Cocktails with the Best Bartenders in the US offers virtual classes that do just that! A few online guitar lessons for the friend who’s always wanted to play an instrument will be much appreciated. How about a masterclass all access pass to learn skills from the masters of their fields through online videos and tutorials. Your sister will surely appreciate your gift for a Spanish language course for her trip to Barcelona this Summer.
  • Something personalized: Gifting something that was meant just for the recipient shows how much thought and effort you’ve put in. By these, we don’t mean monogrammed sweaters.  A new trend that is growing in popularity is a night sky map that shows the pattern of the stars on a day of your choosing, such as the day they were born or their wedding day. Personalize your gift with a message, such as on customized shortbread cookies, a hand-written blanket or children’s books including their names. Your father will appreciate a collection of The New York Times front pages for each year since his birth.
  • The priceless gifts: These are the ones that touch people’s hearts the most. Giving your friends the gift of a night away while you take care of their little one is priceless! Pass down a family heirloom to your niece and watch her reaction. A basket with a few jars of your home-made strawberry jam and a fresh loaf of bread will beat a gift certificate any day.      

A person who has it all will surely appreciate these unique gifts, but wouldn’t it be nice to be on the receiving end as well? Add any or all of these gifts to your GyftHint wishlist and have others get them for you. Your family and friends will no longer stress about getting you something that you’ll like. You can compile all your favorite things from different websites in a smart wishlist on GyftHint. Make sure to have your friends and family add their hints as well for you to buy from. In addition, the app sends out notifications near holidays and birthdays so that you never have to be late again. This way, you’ll always know what the person wants and you can always be assured that they’ll love their gift.

Buying gifts can be a headache, but luckily, there are so many unique and thoughtful gifts that everyone on your list will enjoy. With GyftHint, buying gifts even for someone who has it all has never been easier especially if it’s on their wishlist.

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