It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Hanukkah is a special holiday in the Jewish tradition that commemorates the successful rebellion of the Maccabees, which resulted in the Second Temple’s rededication in Jerusalem. It is celebrated for eight days and eight nights, and celebrations involve the lighting of the menorah, playing games with the dreidel, and eating a special feast.

Traditionally, Hanukkah isn’t a holiday that is known for gifts, instead, gelt – a small amount of money or chocolate coins – was given to children. In fact, many Jewish families do not give gifts at all, or they try to give each other smaller gifts so that the focus can remain on the holiday and spending time with loved ones. It’s definitely a good idea to check with the family beforehand before splurging on gifts.

If gift-giving is a tradition in your family during Hanukkah, it can be difficult to find the right gifts for your loved ones and ensure that they will like them. This shouldn’t stop you from showering those closest to you with thoughtful gifts during the celebration. 

We’ve got you covered with this list of gifts to buy your loved ones for Hanukkah that will satisfy every taste.

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Top Gifts for Hanukkah in 2020

You can never go wrong with these! Everyone is sure to appreciate a cozy blanket to snuggle with as the days get colder

wearable blanket

Some people argue that gift cards are the easy way out, but that’s definitely not the case. In fact, most people tend to give each other money for Hanukkah, so a gift card to your friend’s or relative’s favorite store would certainly be an appropriate gift.

Gift Cards

These tiny cameras are growing in popularity as they allow you to print the pictures out immediately- just like in the old days. Letting someone capture their favorite memories in such a timeless manner is the perfect way to think of them during the holidays.

Fuji Camera

Chances are the person you’re trying to buy a gift for has plenty of smart devices, which is why a convenient charger stand such as this one would be a very welcomed Hanukkah gift. No longer do they need to find an available outlet to charge their devices.

A charging port

What’s better than a gift that’s both practical and looks good. This handmade oil and vinegar set will be a great addition to any dining table. It also comes with a sleek tray to display it.

Oil & Vinegar Set

This timeless gift will allow your loved ones to capture some of their favorite memories in a way that they are sure to appreciate. You can get a custom frame, such as ones with quotes for certain family members, customize the frame yourself, and even add one of your favorite pictures in the frame.

Picture Frames

A cookbook filled with traditional Jewish recipes is a great way to let your friends or family members celebrating Hanukkah know that you’re thinking about them.

Jewish Cookbook

Who doesn’t love to open a box of goodness containing handmade products such as soy candles and plant based skincare. The Zen Flower products​ are vegan, ​chemical-​ free and beautifully packaged. What’s best is you can have this shipped to the receiver with a personal note.

Hanukkah Gift Box

Things to Keep in Mind

A few things to keep in mind when gifting for Hanukkah, especially if you aren’t familiar with the holiday traditions:

    • Don’t think of it as Christmas

Although some confuse Hanukkah as being the “Jewish Christmas”, that’s definitely not the case. As we said earlier, most Jewish families do not give each other big gifts for Hanukkah. That also means you should not give them on Christmas and do not wrap them in Christmas wrapping paper. There are special Hanukkah cards and Hanukkah wrapping paper. Keep in mind,  this year Hanukkah will be from December 10th until December 18th.

    • Don’t give non-kosher foods

If you’ve decided to give food as a gift, you should stay away from foods that aren’t kosher. While not all Jewish families practice this, it is generally a sign of respect to get kosher foods.

While these are all great gift ideas that most people are sure to love, perhaps you want to give them something a bit more personal. If you’re still stuck on gift ideas, it’s a good idea to encourage your loved ones to use online wishlists. That way, people can include exactly what they want to get, leaving out any room for confusion. One of the most popular digital wishlists is GyftHint, which will enable people to add whatever they like from any website or store. By downloading the app, users will have access to a calendar of important events and reminders. In addition, they’ll be able to purchase gifts from the curated lists of their loved ones. That way, you will never have to dread buying presents- whether it’s for Hanukkah, birthdays, or anything else in between!

Download GyftHint now to get your Hanukkah items added to your wishlist!


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