In an era in which everyone sells everything, retailers must work harder to differentiate themselves from others. Retailers can no longer win on price or proximity. Instead, retailers need to hearten back to their brand promise and uncover what differentiates them from others selling the same goods. Technology will be key to assisting retailers with creating new, meaningful ways for consumers to interact with the brand.

Every retailer is faced with incredible challenges in today’s competitive market. From over 90% of carts being abandoned to 80% of store traffic leaving without buying anything.
Toss in colossal giants sucking up consumers left and right and you have a quantum shift that is not stopping.

“The biggest issue holding back retailers is not the availability of technologies, but instead the inability to understand and adapt the ones that will further their brand ethos” Forbes; Change how consumers Shop in Stores

Today your customers have many options to shop for items they need. So why are they visiting your store? Because your customers are visiting for the experience of shopping. During that experience, 62% of in-store purchases are made on impulse. As they travel through your store, they see things that want now and items they may want later. Perhaps as a gift. GyftHint is uniquely designed to capitalize on this impulse by enabling customers to shop and share across physical and digital channels seamlessly.

As with most industries, technology holds the power to radically transform the in-store experience and create fresh and unexpected ways to attract and connect with customers and new customers.

GyftHint is an innovative aggregator app that will increase your sales, customer base, and profits.