We’ve all received bad gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. Whether it was a pair of socks that our aunt thought were too cute, or a toy when we had already turned 13, or worse, an expensive jewelry item that our partner was sure we would love. Some of us are good at hiding the disappointment and being grateful, others, not so much! The anxiety from receiving unwanted gifts is amplified by us trying not to upset the gift giver. 

A simple solution to this is to be honest about what we want if and when someone asks us. Well, that’s easier said than done. We’re both uncomfortable and shy about having others spend money on us. The stress and anxiety aren’t any less when we are on the giving end.  Apart from the endless hours spent on planning and shopping for the right gift, we are anxious whether the receiver will like it or not. 

Since we all need a break from additional stress in our daily lives, we’ve written this article to suggest all the ways you can have a stress free gifting experience. 

Avoid Items that are at a Higher Risk of Disappointing

What consists of an unwanted birthday gift will obviously depend on the person, but you should avoid gifts from the high risk category such as perfumes. Clothing comes as a close runner-up.  People tend to assume that they know what another person likes. While this might be true in cases of very close friendships, majority of clothing gifts sit in the back of the closet to be returned or donated. Also, when you’re not sure of someone’s size, your gift might end up upsetting more than uplifting the recipient. Another tricky area for gift givers is buying for teenagers. Avoid getting your 13-year-old niece a Disney backpack, for example.

The GyftHint app was founded from the basic need to solve for relieving the stress from the gifting experience. Your network of family and friends will add everything they like from any of their favorite stores. This way, you’ll be able to browse, select and purchase through the app in a few easy steps without having to create accounts on retailers’ sites that you don’t regularly shop at. 

So you Got a Gift that You Hate, Now What?

Be courteous and appreciate the effort that the person put in. At the end of the day, they went above and beyond to get you something thinking you’d like it. Hopefully, they’ll have the receipt included with it and you’ll be able to exchange it.

With the GyftHint app, you will no longer be surprised by disappointing gifts.  You can add your hints and your friends and relatives will choose from your favorite items next time they’re buying you a gift.

General Rules for a Better Gift Buying or Receiving Experience

If asking the recipient directly will not get you anywhere, we suggest following these basic guidelines. You’ll not only avoid giving or getting disappointing gifts but will have a stress free experience as well:

  • Does the person have a favorite hobby or a pass time activity? Does your aunt like knitting or crafts? Would your daughter appreciate getting a new lens for her digital camera? Can you visualize this person using the gift to enhance their hobby? Put yourself in their shoes and think about what they like and not what you’d like to give them.
  • Experiences as gifts. Spa services and massages rank on top of experience gifts, especially since most people will enjoy treating themselves without having to pay for it. Other examples could be a cooking class or wine tasting. Extreme options include flying lessons or hot air balloon rides.
  • If all else fails, get a gift card. People prefer to open gifts, sure, but if you can’t figure out what to get the person, sometimes a gift card from the stores they like is the right choice. This way, they can always get whatever they want.

Admittedly, none of the above options are fool proof, that’s why going with wishlists is the most practical and easiest way to buy gifts and receive ones that you’d like.

The GyftHint app helps make gift buying less stressful. Your friends and family can add anything they want to their wishlists from any store and you will be notified close to their special occasions to get them a present. With only a few steps, you’ll pick an item from their wishlist and have it shipped to you or them knowing perfectly well that they’ll be happy with it. 

Gifting should be associated with happiness and not stress. These days the more choices we have, the harder it is to find the perfect gift. With GyftHint, you’ll discover the perfect gift for your loved ones while adding hints for yourself as well.  

Happy Gifting!!

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GyftHint is the best social gifting app that lets you and your friends and family see and buy the gifts you want. No more returns and no more unwanted gravy bowl

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