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How it works

We are NOT another gift giving app, registry or wishlist! GyftHint is a unified platform empowering gifters and giftees the ability to explore and purchase gifts seamlessly in one location.

Gifter’s are granted access to a selection of personally curated gift options through customized “HINTS.” These hints are securely stored in a central repository and made available through invitation to friends and family.

GyftHint eliminates the uncertainty from gift selection by linking retailers and their customers with the individuals purchasing gifts.

Maintaining an element of surprise, purchases remain confidential, fostering a truly heartfelt gift-giving experience for all parties involved

GyftHint acknowledges that the most fitting gifts often emerge not solely from major retailers or renowned brands, but from a collection of sources that deeply resonate with the recipient.

Quick & Secure

Eliminates the need to search the internet, create new accounts and input personal details just to purchase a gift you believe someone may appreciate.

Gifts That Resonate

The advantage of viewing all the gifts your friends and family have added to their accounts .When you make a purchase, your identity remains concealed.

Never Miss An Occasion

Never miss your parents anniversary or your nephew's birthday. Reminders ensure you'll have ample time via reminders.

Zero Gift Duplication

When a gift is purchased, it's automatically marked as gifted in your loved ones' accounts. However, the surprise remains intact until they actually receive your gift.

Tailored By You

Offers a straightforward approach to drop hints to your family and friends, helping them select the ideal gift for you.

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