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We all know what we love, but it’s a secret to our friends and family. GyftHint manages your



You will receive text reminders of upcoming gift events for your family and friends to help give you plenty of time to see their favorite selections and purchase a that gift that they chose.



You will be reminded via text to add hints to your account for your special events coming up such as Birthdays, Mothers or Fathers Day, Valentines Day and Christmas.



When you select a gift, your order will be sent to the retailer or service provider that the gift was selected from and sent directly to you or the person you are Buying the gift for. One Click and done!

Fast and secure

With GyftHint there is no need to search the web, open new accounts and add your personal information just to buy a gift you think someone might like. One click and your shopping is done.

Voice Assistant

is always available with any questions on purchase made.

Gifts they love

The beauty of GyftHint is that you can see all the gifts your friends and family have added to their accounts anonymously. When you make a purchase, they won’t see that you made it. The right item, size, color, and simply the right everything because they chose it.

No more forgetting an event

Ever forget your parents Anniversary? How about your nephew’s birthday? No more with GyftHint. You will see their favorite restaurant and his favorite pair of sneakers in plenty of time to make that purchase.

No duplications

When someone makes a gift purchase, It’s marked already gifted when you look at your Loved ones account. But not to them, the purchase is not revealed to the them until they receive your gift.

Designed by you

Only you know your favorite store that you buy your jeans from, or the special bracelet. This is an easy way to give your family and friends some hints to help them buy the best gift for you.



Be spontaneous! If something captures your eye, add it to your GyftHint account. Using your phone to take a photo of any item in any store, website or catalog, you can create a list of wonderful things you could use for any occasion. Your family and friends can simply look at your list and get some idea of your tastes and likes. And if they see something that fits their budget, They simple click and make the purchase.

GyftHint, Less stress more Joy!

Your Network for buying and sharing gifts with event reminders

In an era in which everyone sells everything, retailers must work harder to differentiate themselves from others. Retailers can no longer win on price or proximity. Instead, retailers need to hearten back to their brand promise and uncover what differentiates them form others selling the same goods. Technology will be key to assisting retailers with creating new, meaningful ways for consumers to interact with the brand.

Every retailer is faced with incredible challenges in today’s competitive market.  From over 90% of carts being abandoned to 80% of store traffic leaving without buying anything.
Toss in colossal giants sucking up consumers left and right and you have a quantum shift that is not stopping.

“The biggest issue holding back retailers is not the availability of technologies, but instead the inability to understand and adapt the ones that will further their brand ethos” Forbes; Change how consumers Shop in Stores

Today your customers have many options to shop for items they need. So why are they visiting your store? Because your customers are visiting for the experience of shopping.  During that experience 62% of in store purchases are made on impulse. As they travel through your store, they see things that want now and items they may want later. Perhaps as a gift.  GyftHint is uniquely designed to capitalize on this impulse by enabling customers to shop and share across physical and digital channels seamlessly.

As with most industries, technology holds the power to radically transform the in-store experience and create fresh and unexpected ways to attract and connect with customers and new customers.

GyftHint is an innovative aggregator app that will increase your sales, customer base and profits.


Don’t take our word,. See what customers say about GyftHint. We have got over 1000s of positive reviews.


I was stupid, I went out and bought an $800 bracelet for my wife on Mother’s Day. She made me bring it back. She said, “didn’t you see what I put on my GyftHint app?” I won’t make that mistake again.

Kevin K



Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to

Will I see if someone buys me a gift?

No, you will not. That’s what keeps it a “surprise”. You may have added something months ago, and you won’t know if it was bought or who bought it until you get it. So, when you look at your items, they will all still be there, even though half of them may have already been purchased. It will be removed automatically a few weeks after you get it.

How will I know someone else didn’t already buy it?

When you look at the GyftHint account of your family and friends, any time someone makes a purchase the item will say “already gifted”. That way there is no duplication.

Will the gift I purchase be sent to me or the person I am buying for?

Which ever you choose. Remember, the gift will be sent from the retailer or manufacture directly. That way you know you are getting the exact item your loved one chose.

How do I pay for the gift?

This is one of the most unique features of GyftHint. You enter your credit card into your GyftHint account and all your purchases will be charged to that account. You never have to open new accounts at any retailer. No matter where the gift was ordered from, GyftHint handles everything.

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