Partner with GyftHint to Unleash the Power of Gifting

With GyftHint’s platform, you can finally know the gifts Your Customer really wants and get direct exposure to the Gift Buyers buying those gifts, increasing your share of the $2.2 Trillion gifting market comprising roughly 40% of retail, and doing it profitably. 
We partner with you to upgrade your wishlist into a dynamic, sales conversion catalyst. Our data-rich, multi-sided platform offers an intuitive “AI” driven e-commerce marketplace in an interactive experience tailored exclusively to your Customer, their Gift Buyers and you. 
It takes the uncertainty out of gift selection for the Gift Buyer and streamlines your entire e-commerce gifting process—bringing greater joy to your Customer and fostering greater brand loyalty while simultaneously exposing your products to your Customers’ Gift Buyers at the point of purchase.

We Provide “BIG” Benefits for Retailers by…

Transforming your wishlist conversion rates from 10%-15% up to 63% with no extra ad spend or retailer incentives. 

Reducing ad spend by leveraging the unique nexus GyftHint creates between your customer, the gift buyer and you.

Acquiring new customers at zero Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

Expanding wallet-share for each customer.

Reducing gift returns by up to 92%.

Monitoring the sustainability impact from your reduced gift returns.

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Our strategy involves forging partnerships with prominent e-commerce platforms and merchants. We facilitate a unique gifting experience by providing a one-click solution for social gifting that is integrated seamlessly with merchants’ platforms. Join the gifting revolution with GyftHint.