GyftHint stands out as an innovative and forward-looking company with a strong commitment to sustainability goals, showcasing its unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility.

Its vision is centered on creating a positive impact on the planet by minimizing gift returns, a critical aspect in the $2.2T annual gifting market in the U.S. Almost $800B of those gifts become returns each year, translating to over 2.5 million tons of waste ending up in landfills. GyftHint is determined to play a significant role in reducing this damage to the planet and the associated carbon footprint for merchant return operations and logistics. Our platform efficiently streamlines the gifting process, fostering a deep connection between brands and customers while emphasizing the importance of making properly informed gift choices from the start.

GyftHint’s mantra “Love It – Hint It – Gyft It” encapsulates the users’ journey, but perhaps it should be expanded to “Love It – Hint It – Gyft It– Keep It,” as our platform ensures that every gift buyer can always purchase the perfect gift for their loved ones that won’t be returned.