84% of U.S. Adults Expected to Celebrate Mother’s Day: GyftHint Aims to Support the Celebration


May 10, 2024, 1:28 PM ET

The item, size and color mom wants!

Mother’s Day is a special occasion to recognize and celebrate the women in our lives.

With GyftHint, you can bid farewell to the anxiety of picking the perfect present”

— Eddy Jette, CEO of GyftHint

FORT MYERS, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 10, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Mother’s Day is a time to honor and celebrate the women who have significantly impacted our lives. With this special holiday approaching, we all want to show our appreciation for the remarkable women around us. Whether she’s a mother, grandmother, sister, or friend, GyftHint https://gyfthint.com is here to support the joy of gift giving. GyftHint, a cutting-edge gift platform, ensures that mom receives the ideal gift because she chooses it herself!

Finding the perfect gift for mom can be a source of stress, with the pressure to choose something meaningful often overwhelming. GyftHint recognizes this challenge and offers a solution that simplifies the process. “With GyftHint, you can bid farewell to the anxiety of picking the perfect present,” states Co-Founder and CEO Eddy Jette. The platform’s innovative features streamline the gifting experience by letting users discover hints left by Mom herself. Through a one-time opt-in invitation on the app or web platform, gift-givers can access personalized gift suggestions curated by Mom. This feature maintains the element of surprise about what has been purchased, since all purchases made in her GyftHint store are invisible and marked as already purchased to other gift buyers. However these actions are not visible to mom, she is unaware of who, what or when a gift is purchased.

This Mother’s Day spending is expected to reach $33.5 billion, according to an annual consumer survey released by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics. This figure is the second highest in the survey’s history, following last year’s record of $35.7 billion. Brands face challenges in maximizing prime gifting holidays like Mother’s Day as they lack insight into the gift buyers. When the gift buyer makes a purchase for Mom from that brand, they often begin marketing to that buyer as if they were a regular consumer, inundating them with multiple emails per day. This approach can lead to buyer frustration and anger, resulting in potential unsubscribes or blocks. To improve, brands must do better, and GyftHint addresses this challenge effectively. GyftHint is the ultimate tool to help you express gratitude and affection this Mother’s Day. Join our growing community of thoughtful gift-givers and make this Mother’s Day one she’ll always remember!

About GyftHint
GyftHint aspires to revolutionize the gifting landscape through an innovative marketplace that cultivates a seamless and sustainable gifting experience for retailers and consumers alike. With a commitment to empowering individuals to give and receive gifts effortlessly, GyftHint aims to leave a positive imprint on both the gifting process and the planet.

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